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Nobody likes expensive power bills and cold showers! That's why at Maroochy Gas & Solar, our experts supply and install a huge selection of electric, gas and solar hot water systems to suit your unique requirements.

We also provide round the clock repairs to existing systems so that you'll have hot water again in no time at all.

Check out our different types of hot water systems below to see which one is right for you or call us now for a free quote.
Hot water Systems – Solar hot water Sunshine Coast in Kuluin, QLD

So why make the switch to solar? Here are three key benefits:
Reduced CO2 emissions
Save money on hot water bills
Compliance plates fitted (where required)
Our Chromagen solar hot water systems are constructed with triple-layered, glass-evacuated tubes which deliver up to 75% more energy than traditional flat panels. The fully adjustable stainless-steel frame optimises the absorption of solar energy and is frost-resistant, meaning you can enjoy consistent, steaming hot water at a reduced cost all year round.

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Interested in a new gas hot water system? Here's some reasons why you should be:
Easy to operate
Lower upfront costs than solar or electric
Can be switched off when not in use
Cheaper installation cost if gas line upgrade isn't required
Also, if your van hasn't been used for an extended period, it's a good idea to check that all the appliances are working properly.
Gas Boosted

Gas boosted systems have the option of natural or LP gas boost and depending on the hot water delivery required you have a choice of 20 litres per minute or 26 litres per minute of continuous flow gas boost. This system is mounted on the side of your tank or on the wall.

We offer a full range of systems, expert installation and backup by licenced and fully insured tradespeople. We have a system to suit all applications including residential, commercial and rural properties.

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Electric Boosted

Electric boosted systems have an option of either bottom or mid-mounted elements. The bottom mounted element systems are similar to the traditional electric hot water systems. When the thermostat registers that the water is not up to the correct temperature, it will turn on the element to heat the water up to a safe temperature then turn off. In this case, if the element and thermostat are mounted in the bottom of the tank the boost will heat the entire contents of the tank.

Looking to install an electric hot water system? Well, here are some of the main benefits:
Constant access to hot water
Cheap maintenance costs
Mid-Mounted Element

Our team can supply a mid-mounted element system that, when required, will only heat the top half of your tank—saving you more in electricity charges but still giving you enough hot water at night time.

These systems can also be wired to a manual off/on switch, adjustable timer or an automatic system.

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